Suzanne Staal is a Brisbane based therapist specialising in EMDR, ACT and Mindfulness frameworks.

Suzanne Staal Profile Photo Suzanne Staal Masters Mental HealthBach. Social Work, Bach. Fine Art

As an experienced Psychotherapist, certified Mindfulness practitioner and ACT specialist, Suzanne recognises the uniqueness of each individual and  tailors the work to meet the individual needs of her clients.   Her priority is to build a supportive professional relationship within which clients have a safe space to explore their concerns.   Her approach is holistic, guided by evidence-based psychological treatments and an awareness of the mind-body connection.

In the course of her professional work and through her personal practice of mindfulness, she has come to appreciate its therapeutic benefits.  Mindfulness has the ability to increase our capacity for wisdom, self compassion and  adaptive responses to the challenging situations that arise in our lives .  This makes it a valuable resource for enhancing resilience, wellbeing, connection to self and others as well as authentic living.

Suzanne has undertaken extensive training in treating clients with trauma histories and has significant experience working with anxiety, stress, grief and loss, life transitions and workplace difficulties.

For over 30 years she has enjoyed working with a wide variety of clients including children, older adolescents, families, single adults as well as the multicultural community.

Accredited Mental Health Social Workers assess and treat people with mental health disorders.  They are registered providers with Medicare Australia and have been assessed on behalf of the Commonwealth Government and by the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) as having specialist mental health expertise.

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